Hanuman Mantra To Remove Negative Energies, Evil Spirits and Obstacles

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Negative Energy

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Negative Energy

It is human nature to remember God only in times of great suffering and problems and the first name that comes to mind is that of Lord Hanuman. It is known to everyone that Lord Hanuman is the source of utmost power and strength. Lord Hanuman becomes your saviour from the moment you ask for His shelter by chanting His name. The hanuman mantra to remove negative energy consists of powerful words, each of which carries a strong meaning and protects you at all time. Believe it or not, we are surrounded by innumerable spirits, but we cannot see them with our naked eyes. These Spirits are of two types, one that will not harm us, Good Spirits and the other that can harm us, the Evil Spirits. In the absence of hanuman mantra to remove negative energy, we become weak and vulnerable to these spirits. Since these evil spirits are hovering around us and the moment we become weak they attack us. These evil spirits can create so much of negative energy around a person that, he may lose everything, his good fortune, family, wealth, health and much more. If you or any of your acquaintances feel threatened with such spirits then you must use the hanuman mantra to remove evil spirits.

Aum Hum Hanumate Namo Namah

Shri Hanumate Namo Namah

Jai Jai Hanumate Namoh Namah

Shri Ram Dulare Namoh Namah

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Energies and Evil Spirits

By chanting hanuman mantra to remove evil spirits, we welcome the almighty Hanuman in our life, and He helps us in getting rid of these evil spirits. Hanuman mantra to remove negative energy not only helps us in getting rid of these negative energies but these mantras also keep us safe from evil spirits and prevent them from harming us again in the future. The hanuman mantra to remove energies is so powerful that it drives out the Evil Spirits and its’ harmful effects from the root giving you your peaceful life back. Not only this, the Hanuman Mantra creates a protective shield around you from the moment you start reciting it, thus vending off evil spirits. Recite these lines in your mind and heart to lead a peaceful life:

Aum Namoh Hanuman

Varas Barahake Javan

Hath Me Ladu Mukh Me Paan

Hook Marat Aave Baba Hanuman

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Obstacles

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Obstacles

We work hard every day to become good human beings, to succeed in our lives, to keep our families happy, but sometimes, even after giving our hundred percent, we do not achieve our goals. We face obstacles that keep us from reaching our destination. Some of these may be natural or due to bad luck or the negativity around us like evil spirits and black magic. The negative energies around us slowly rise and capture our mind, which makes us spoil everything with our own hands. We are not able to think straight and end up doing mistakes. It is impossible for a common man to fight with such powerful forces. This is when we start asking help from Lord Hanuman through hanuman mantra to remove obstacles to make our lives better and remove all obstacles in our path. Many people have lost everything in their fight against these negative energies. One should chant the ever powerful Hanuman Mantra if they want a better future, successful life, peaceful and positive environment. Lord Hanuman will make everything possible for you to achieve and win. Lord Hanuman will take up all the pain and sufferings of His believers, followers and worshipers. So use the hanuman mantra to remove obstacles and believe in him and he will take care of you and your family.


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  • Aap mere liye Sakshat bhagwan ban gaye Ho…….
    Ek din me conjuring 2 jaisi bhayanak film dekh raha tha tab se muzhe bhayanak aur rakshas ke swapna aate the.ghar me ajibsi ghatnaye hoti thi.
    But after reciting both mantras Hanuman ji ne bahot madat ki.
    Jay Baba Hanuman
    All Thanks to you all woh shaitani aatma se bachane ke liye
    Thank you Panditji

  • kya koi aisa mantra hai jisse bhoot agar shareer me bhoot pret ho to wo nasht ho ker shareer chod jae ??? bohot saalo se ho shareer mein

    • Ha aese Kai Mantra aur vidhiya hai jinse kisi purane bhoot ko majbur kiya ja sakta hai ki wo shareer chodne pe majbur ho jaye but ye mantra effective tabhi sabit hote hai jab inhe sahi tarike se aur sahi vidhi se perform kiya jaye. aapko in sab ke liye hamare astrologer Somnath sharma Ji se sampark karna hoga wo aapko puri vidhi mantro sahit samjhayenge.
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