Hanuman Mantra to Remove Black Magic,Fear, Evil Eye and Ghost

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Black MagicLord Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear and Black Magic

The hanuman mantra is world recognized mantra that used by thousands of people and their suffering have become extinct forever. Our Hanuman Mantra to remove black magic is helpful to remove any black magic mantra over from anyone who is suffering due to the effect of black magic. The Lord Hanuman is known as “SANKATMOCHAN” and the blessing remove all fears and troubles from life so by using Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear you can live your life trouble free and without any worry. Hanuman Mantra to Remove Evil Eye is well recognized and accepted mantra use by many people to remove effect of evil from their lives and life of their dear ones. The ghost and jin are so powerful and destructive forces of nature that can destroy any life without letting them know about it but our Hanuman Mantra to Remove Ghost is a tool to avoid such catastrophe permanently.

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Evil Eye and Ghost

The Hanuman Mantra to remove black magic is a very smart black magic removal technique because it is has blessing of lord Hanuman who himself know to destroy black magic power. To remove any fear regarding the black magic or of any kind Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear will definitely resolve all kind of fears in your life. The evil eye of any wrong doing can be removed permanently and the peace in life will be returned just by using the great Hanuman Mantra to Remove Evil Eye. There won’t be any kind of ghostly problems after using Hanuman Mantra to Remove Ghost , it is known as these ghostly powers can kill anyone easily if are not treated well.  Our astrologer who worshiped lord Hanuman mantra since long time has achieved power in his mantra that can resolve all problems of followers and end their suffering.

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear

Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear and Evil Eye

The known black magic removal method by Hanuman Mantra to remove black magic has advantage to remove all ill effects of black magic forever from the life of the victim. The fear of ghostly power and black magic slowly threat your peace and grow bigger with time but if you are using our Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear you will live peacefully and trouble free. The lord Hanuman is known for to remove all the ill effects and evil spirit by just worshipping by the victim, Lord Hanuman is god who can solve all your problems and can remove all misadventure from your life. The Hanuman Mantra to Remove Evil Eye helped thousands of people who were living under fear of black magic and evil spirit. The Hanuman Mantra to Remove Ghost is popular mantra that is very powerful in order to use against any powerful ghost who have made your life impossible and keep troubling your success too.




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  • Someone has done some sort of black magic on him through cutting an alphabhabet of my name initial from his shirt on Diwali n from tat day he is not even looking at me plz help.

  • Pranaam panditji,

    I am searhing for a Hanumanji mantra to remove black magic on someone.

    • Hello Kesrie You are on right place and we hope Lord Hanuman have special blessings over you for having such faith and believe.

      Hanuman Mantra to Remove Black Magic and Fear is Like This,

      Ohm Namo Hanumate
      Bhaya Bhanjanaya
      Sukham Kuru Phat Swaha

      Chant this mantra 108 times to get siddhi over this.

      To know more on this you can call me @ 9876241351 or can write mail to me at somnathbabaji42@gmail.com

  • Hello sir….My Self Nittya Nanda Hawalder
    I am worrying whole day in negative word for 2 year.sir what can I do now????plzz sir tell me about that

  • Hello sir ..I’m from Malaysia Indian.
    My girl fren suffering with black magic inside body have evil…
    So many take out from swamy but after 5month that evil inside in body again…what I can do for solve this problem ..please help babaji..
    My contact 0149061744 got watssap..

    • shoban you can call our astroguru Somnath Sharma ji @ +91-9876241351 or you can connect through whatsapp to him also and home that you will be having genuine and promising solution from him.

      God Bless You….

  • Guruji last year i used to go for lord narasimha temple daily guruji.Iam very happy by worshipping lord narasimha.But one day in the night time down side the temple some rooms are there.In that rooms some lady and gent talking sounds came and seen fire.That i have went and seen what is happening there.there i saw that they are doing blackmagic rituals.On the next day i have given the complaint to the comittee members of the temple.They told that nothing is done here.After that i come to know a fact that with thier permission only they are performing blackmagic rituals in the night.After that i came to know another fact that they are killing the persons.After that i told to all the persons living in that village.For that reason they intelligently make me to drink eat black magic products regularly for 6 months.After that i observed on my face raacoon eyes came .that is dark circles blackish completely i am feeling some pains .So please guruji i sincearely pray please suggest the way to completely free from that blackmagic.That to regularly daily he is doing blackmagic rituals on me . Iam getting sounds in ears ,,,black circles under eyes . So please advice me to completely free from those blackmagic rituals guruji .

    • Hello Praveen Sorry For Replying to You late first.. We have acknowledged your problem and would like to suggest you that you should connect directly to our astroguru somnath sharma ji @ +91-9876241351. You can whatsapp him also and he will be providing you best possible solution possible to solve your issues related to black magic.

      God Bless You.

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